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Spanish Beach Spanish Beach Spanish Beach
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Trips along the coast
The north Valencian coast

The north coast of Valencia, the shoreline which is closest to the capital, has become a large expanse of sand, where tall towers of apartments and service infrastuctures have been built, sharing the landscape with farmsteads and large market gardens (huertas).
From Valencia to Cullera
Situated to the south of the capital, separated from the waters of the Mediterranean by a chain of dunes and pine groves, the lake of La Albufera was formed in the distant past from the deposit od sediments from the Rivers Turia an Jucar, which hemmed in this small inland sea of fresh water.
La Pobla de Farnals
The Beaches of La Safor
The visitor to the region of La Safor finds himself in an attractive area with a history of its own, nestling in a natural environment whose characteristics are twofold: the high mountains which form the ranges of Mustalla, Safor, Grossa anf Aguilles blend into a natural circle of pinnacles and woodland, while the plain is crossed by an accommodating coastal corridor of market gardens and beaches.

Levante / Malvarrosa Beach

Levante / Malvarrosa Beach:

Very high-quality beach to the north of the port of Valencia, with excellentfacilities and water sports equipment hire available.



Pineda BeachPineda Beach:

Beach to the south of Valencia with access for the disabled and basic services for public use.



Saler Beach Saler Beach:

Over six kilometres of sandy beach near Valencia's La Albufera Natural Park.



Devesa Beach Devesa Beach:

Although isolated, this beach has a range of services available and is set right in the heart of Valencia's La Albufera Natural Park.


Perellonet / El Recatí Beach Perellonet / El Recatí Beach:

Very long sandy beach in the residential area where a lot of accesses to the beach are private.


Other beaches of Valencia are:

L´Ahuir Beach.
Norte de Gandia / Gandia Beach.
Rafalcaid Beach.
Miramar Beach...